Ketam Goreng Telur Masin (Salted Egg Crab)



Do not know what to cook for family’s dinner or lunch? It’s quite tough for us women to think of a new recipe everyday. At one stage, we will get stuck and really do not know what to cook for the family. How about give my recipe a try?

This simple recipe can cost you an average of RM 60 to RM 80 per dish (about 2 pcs of Ketam Bunga) if you are eating out at a good restaurant (it will be more expensive if you are dining at a fancier restaurant). To cook this meal, all I need is to buy 4 pcs of Ketam Bunga (blue crab) which cost me just about RM 16.

The Ingredient:

4 pcs of Crab (Ketam BUnga or Blue crab)

2 pcs of Salted egg (just need to take the york)

1 pc of garlic (punch it with your knife will do)

1 pc of onion (slice nicely)

10 pcs of cili padi (small chilli in green color) ; slice 3pcs of it and leave the rest as it is

One cup of corn flour

How to Cook this meal?

1. Season your crab with tumeric powder and salt, leave it for a while

2. Heat up the cooking oil, dap your crab with corn flour and just throw it inside the cooking oil and fry it up until it seems crispy and golden in color. Once it’s done, put it aside.

3. Reduce the amount of oil used as you just need a bit of oil to cook the next ingredients. Put in the onion and cili padi, stir for a while, put in the salted egg york and continue cooking until all the ingredient is cook. Make sure you press the york to mash it. Do not add in any water.

4. Season it with just a bit of salt and sugar, then put in your fried crab and stir it together with the fried salted egg to mix it.

5. Turn off the burner and it’s ready to serve. Enjoy your meal.

p/s: It will surely help you to save a lot of $$$ by cooking it in your own kitchen and make sure when you do it, cook it with love for your love ones.

Have a Nice Day!